“Mr. Snider means the world to me. I started Snider Hockey in 2008 as a freshman in high school and since then, I’vSniderMemoryPic1e been able to take part in so much more than I ever imagined. Without this program, I don’t think I would have ever picked up a hockey stick. I also strived to do so much more in school because of the programming. After my freshman year of college, I wanted to drop out, but because of the encouragement from the program, I am now a senior at Rutgers Camden. I am so thankful for all Mr. Snider has done for me and my teammates. I will continue to the take the advice I was once given and give back to the organization that started it all for me.” - Saidie Lopez


“Mr. Snider brought hockey not only to the city of Philadelphia, but to me, my little brother, and my little sister. I’ve always wanted to thank him for that because if it weren’t for the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation, I don’t think I would have ever been able to play hockey. It keeps me out of trouble, has taught me many life lessons, and changed my life. - Bobby Erickson, Scanlon #15


“I never imagined playing a sport like ice hockey in my life. I thought girls didn't play hockey but then I figured why not give it a try. The day I went out onto that ice was the day I fell in love with ice hockey. It made me the person I am today. I remember my very first road trip to compete in the Hockey in the Hood tournament in Detroit, Michigan. Mr. Snider came on the bus to wish us good luck. You could see in everyone's eyes how he lit up our world. His spirit will forever live on and I will never forget the man who changed my life. RIP Mr. Snider.” – India Ray


“When I think about Snider Hockey I think about teamwork. Mr. Snider inspired me to work with other people. Thank you a million times, Mr. Snider.” – Keyana Wyatt


“How did Snider Hockey impact me? I am honored to be in your community and to learn how to play hockey. I have grown as a person and Mr. Snider helped me reach my goals. I felt really good when I scored my first hockey goal, I have grown ready to read really good books and I have learned how to be useful in the community. Thank you, Mr. Snider, for everything. – Onochie Odenigbo, Age 9


“I am the grandmother of two Snider Hockey youth players. What this program has done for me is to reinforce the values I try to instill in my children. They are accountable for their school work, their behavior and their treatment of other people. They engage with people from all over the city in friendly competition. They are able to keep physically fit and also stay positively busy on and off the ice. The coaches are amazing and patient. We love this program!” - Veronica Abdus-Shahid


“Mr. Snider impacted my life by giving me and my teammates a chance to play hockey. I want to thank him for allowing me an opportunity to play this sport. To me, Mr. Snider is a hero, a coach and a good friend. Mr. Snider will be missed a lot.” - Devin Jones #12 Sims


“His youth hockey program SniderMemoryPic4Newhas been extremely important for my autistic son. Without this program, my son wouldn’t have purpose. Thank you, Mr. Snider for your legacy.” - The Harrington Family


“When I think of the name Snider I think of ‘chance’. Mr. Snider has impacted my life because never in a million years would I think I had a chance to play hockey. If I could say anything to him today, I would say thank you a thousand times.” – Zayd Shakar


“I’m happy to be a part of the Ed Snider Hockey Team. Thank you for caring for all of us. We love you and we will miss you.” - Jay Lysius



“Mr. Snider has meant a lot to me because he reminded me to keep up my grades on my report card and I can succeed in life. I love how I am able to play hockey and achieve my dreams. If I could say anything to Mr. Snider it would be to be happy and proud of what you did in life… helping kids all over the world.” - Ahmoni Martin



“I was able to travel with the girls program to Princeton University and the NJ Devils Center to meet a silver medalist women’s ice hockey player! I couldn’t be playing hockey without Mr. Snider and his foundation! Thank you for great memories.” – Kaylee Mulvenna, SHL Squirt Champion and Girls U10 Player


“The best experience I had during Snider Hockey was having Mr. Snider sit on my bench during my first DVHL game at the Penn Class of ‘23 Rink in September of 2013. He high fived us each time we came back to the bench! This program has been an amazing thing in my life! I hope many more people get to have the experiences I did.” -Andrew Mulvenna, Peewee AA #8


“What our children learned, they will take with them into their adulthood. This world will be a better place because of the diversity and camaraderie they experienced while learning the game. Never to be forgotten...” – Elouise Ray


“To me, Mr. Snider SniderMemoryPic6meant a new opportunity – a new opportunity to do something great and to be something great. He impacted my life by giving me something that I love to do. Hockey is so fun and I am so happy I am able to play. If I could say anything to him it would be thanks for letting me play a game that I now love.” - Rajaa Bint-Idris, age 15, left wing


“Mr. Snider has changed my life completely. Through Snider Hockey, I have done so many great things... opportunities, which without the platform provided by the program, I may not have received. There is no way to articulate how I feel about Mr. Snider. He is truly amazing and even that does not do him justice. He will live on forever through his legacy, stories and this program. He had this ability to make you feel important, because to him you were. He has inspired me to become an entrepreneur and to build something bigger than myself. He changed my life and I now want to change the lives of others.” - Kaseir Archie



“I never had the pleasure to meet Mr. Snider in person; however, he has provided a hockey program that changed my family forever. I will be inspired by the power of his love that he shared with all the young hockey players. He is loved and will truly be missed.” - Crystal Lysius, the parent of Jayden, Crystlind and Mekylah Jefferson


“Mr. Snider was a role model to me and I looked up to him. His program encouraged me to put myself outside of my comfort zone and try something new. I only met Mr. Snider once, but it was amazing. Mr. Snider changed my life, my family’s life and my friends’ lives. Mr. Ed Snider was a cool guy and a great man. – Je’Darius Ross, Laura Sims Skatehouse



"Thank you very much for your time and allowing the children to learn life skills through the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation. I know the coaches and staff taught my son more than skating and shooting a puck. The Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation promotes perseverance, resilience and builds teamwork skills. I love how the foundation is dedicated to academics along with community involvement. I am so sorry for the loss of a true mentor for the youth hockey league." - A very grateful parent, Christina Ford


“Thank you for making the Snider Youth Hockey League. You helped so many children to learn fair play and teamwork. We will miss you. God bless you!” – Carlos Rowland and Family


“Being part of a big community is really important. Mr. Snider helped me be part of a big family. I would not be playing hockey if it wasn’t for Mr. Snider. Thanks to all.” – Joanna Steining


“Dear Mr. Snider, I hope the Flyers win the Stanley Cup for you! Thank you for bringing the Flyers to Philadelphia.” – Sam Bevan


“You were our ‘Mr. Hockey’. Thank you for bringing joy to so many Philadelphians and for creating Snider Hockey.” – Parent of Sam Bevan


Thank you for letting me play hockey. We have lots of fun. You hire good coaches. Thank you for having pucks to play with. We have lots of fun at the games. Thank you again.” - Kai Corbin, age 7 & Kaiden Corbin, age 8


“Mr. Snider means a lot to me. He allowed me to play hockey for free. Without Mr. Snider’s sacrifices and contributions, I wouldn’t be able to play hockey today. Hockey has become a big role in my life. Thank you for all of the things you have done for the kids in your program. Everybody in this program thanks and appreciates your hard work. RIP Mr. Snider.” – Daquon Thorington


“Without Mr. Snider, my 6 year old son, Jordan would not know how to ice skate, let alone play hockey. For our family, hockey was never a thought. I have lived in Philadelphia most of my life and had never seen a Flyers game. Thanks to Snider Hockey we got to experience our first professional game. Mr. Snider’s impact on the community will live on in the children who have learned to play and have an appreciation for the game of hockey. Thank you.” - Kimberly Robinson & Jordan Morgan


 “Ed Snider means a lot to me. He created my favorite place to be after school: a place where others and I can learn ice skills and life skills. Ed Snider impacted my life in many ways. He gave me a place where I can do something I love and he hired coaches that can teach me stuff on and off the ice. Thank you for creating Snider Hockey.” – Ademi Salako


“Mr. Snider means a lot to us because he made Snider Hockey. Thank you for making hockey my favorite sport! I’ll always play for Mr. Snider.” – Alexei & Sydney


“Thank you Mr. Snider for helping us and training us to be better when we grow up. Our love for hockey will always be here. You were a teacher and mentor. Thank you. We will always love you.” - Willangel Aviles


Ed Snider left behind a beautiful legacy that will continue to thrive and grow throughout the years. Thousands of children all over the city will continue to benefit from his amazing contributions, and represent the organization in the brightest light possible. Snider brought ice hockey into the city of Philadelphia and has helped youth develop a love for the sport through engagement and participation. The Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation was one of Snider’s greatest accomplishments, specifically because of the great volume of lives that he has positively impacted. With a great focus on education, nutrition, and teamwork, this foundation has gifted access to countless useful resources to so many children, and has paved the way to college for many.

Such an amazing human being will be missed by thousands, but Ed Snider will never be forgotten by the people that he has touched the most. Thank you, sir, for all that you have done. The children, staff, coaches, and parents of the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation will remember you for years to come and use the important life lessons the organization has taught us throughout our entire lives.” – Ava Olsen

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